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Investment Criterias

Deciding on an investment is not just about meeting individual criteria but having an overall good feeling about an investment - including having confidence in the target company’s management.

How far is your company commercially?

We prefer to invest after Proof of Concept and once Proof of
Business has been established / the first million DKK or two has been registered as revenue.

Is your business scalable?

We do not need a huge forecasted billion USD revenue in 5-7 years, but
your business needs to be scalable.

What is your business area?

We typically invest within B2B and have a preference for investments
within cleantech, hardware, software, green energy - but are open to any novel solution

Does your company have a positive impact on society?

We prefer investments that have a clear ESG footprint.

Where are you located?

The investment target needs to be located east of Storebælt in Denmark.

How big investment do you need?

We typically invest from 3M to 10M DKK per case, sometimes up to 15M DKK - and are happy to syndicate when expedient