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Innovative medical device laser from Danish university spinout now on US market

Norlase’s recent commercial launch of LEAF, the company’s flagship laser product, means that ophthalmologists can treat more patients and provide better quality of care.

“Norlase is proud to launch LEAF to ophthalmologists looking for innovative technology,” says Greg Fava, Vice President, Medical Devices of Norlase.

“In over 25 years working with laser photo coagulator technology, a product has never brought together the latest advancements in laser technology, wireless connectivity and voice control convenience. LEAF offers these product attributes at an unmatched price point. Additionally, Norlase plans to work closely with ophthalmologists to provide a comprehensive suite of laser solutions in the years to come, says Fava.”

“The Norlase laser is so different from other photo coagulators you really have to see it to appreciate the advancements. It is extremely small and has no external fiber to break – eliminating a major repair expense common to other technologies,” says John Kitchens, MD Retina Associates of Kentucky, adding that the device’s remarkable portability makes it easy to integrate in practically any office environment.

About LEAF

LEAF has a minimal set-up time and requires very little physical space. The entire laser unit attaches conveniently to an existing slit lamp, eliminating the need for a cart or counter space to house the laser console. Additionally, the device’s fiberless design reduces costly service repairs common with other laser technology.

Designed to give ophthalmologists unprecedented portability, reliability and efficiency, LEAF utilizes a wireless tablet as the user interface. An optional voice control feature, powered by Sensory Inc, provides touchless parameter control during treatment, allowing the physician to maintain focus on the patient. Norlase LEAF is available for distribution in the US.

Product Features include:

  • Ultra-compact and portable green laser
  • No external fiber to damage or limit the practice space where it can be used
  • Intuitive, sleek tablet user interface with wireless connectivity for maximum versatility
  • Industry-first voice control for changing parameters

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